2 thoughts on “PuTTY-url 0.63”

  1. So, it doesn’t work for me, at least using it in irssi. I’ve fiddled with the settings a bit.

    I suspect it may be because my system is localized to Japanese? The regexp used for finding urls looks wonky as hell with all the yen signs being used to escape characters. I have no experience with whether that would mess with it, it just seems plausible given that it’s not working for me.

    W7 64b, if that’s any help.

    1. While the Japanese locale might be the issue, I find it quite unlikely. I’ve never used Japanese localization, but if I understand correctly, backslashes are just displayed as yen signs, and are still interpreted as backslashes by the program.

      An easy way to check if that’s the problem would be to temporarily replace the whole regexp with a single character (e.g. a), and then see if that gets underlined when you hover it.

      I should also mention that there is an issue with screen/tmux, where hyperlinks will sometimes not be clickable (I haven’t managed to track it down though, since it doesn’t seem to happen that often).

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