PuTTY 0.61 with clickable links

The patch now has a web site at http://ryara.net/putty-url/, where all future updates will be posted.

Since PuTTY tray (which I have been using for this functionality so far) has been discontinued, I decided to port its clickable link functionality to PuTTY 0.61 myself.

For some reason the code (which originally comes from Nutty) was written in C++ while PuTTY is written in C, so I rewrote the C++ parts in C at the same time. This means it should be at least a little bit closer to a possible inclusion in PuTTY.

What I’ve done:

  • Ported C++ parts to C
  • Launching the URL now uses ShellExecute directly, meaning any type of URL should work (e.g. spotify) when using an appropriate regex.
  • Set default font to Consolas and enable ClearType on Vista and later (kept from PuTTY Tray)
  • Change icons to the ones from PuTTY Tray (I like them better)
  • Patch the build Recipe so that you can make a patched build using PuTTY’s build system
  • Bugfix: Clicking a wrapped link with the window scrolled up should now work as expected

To build it yourself (using mingw on linux):

  1. Download the PuTTY source and the patch
  2. Unpack the source and apply the patch: tar xzf putty-0.61.tar.gz; cd putty-0.61; patch -p1 < ../putty-tobbez-0.61-r1.patch
  3. Drop the replacement icons into the windows/ subdirectory if you want them.
  4. Generate build files: ./mkfiles.pl
  5. Export the TOOLPATH variable so that the variables CC and RC in windows/Makefile.cyg to point to your tools (for me it was export TOOLPATH="i686-mingw32-")
  6. Build it: cd windows; make -f Makefile.cyg
  7. The executable has been created in the same folder.

Executable: putty.exe (Only if you trust me)
Patch: putty-tobbez-0.61-r1.patch putty-tobbez-0.61.patch
Icons: putty.ico, puttycfg.ico