Upgrading firmware on the Linksys SRW2024 without using the web interface

This is useful if, for example, the web interface keeps resetting the connections.

Upgrading the firmware requires first updating the boot code, and the regular console in the earlier firware doesn’t have support for flashing the boot code. However, there is a hidden IOS-like cli available, that makes it possible to upgrade the boot code over tftp. An additional benefit is that it is much faster than using xmodem.

The steps

  1. Setup a tftp server on your machine, serving the files srw2024_16_boot-101.rfb and ls20xx-12230.ros (download from Cisco)
  2. Connect your computer to the switch using ethernet and serial cables.
  3. Boot the switch.
  4. Log into the console.
  5. Press C-z.
  6. On the new promt, type lcli and press enter.
  7. To upgrade the boot code, type copy tftp:///srw2024_16_boot-101.rfb boot
  8. Then upgrade the firmware: copy tftp:///ls20xx-12230.ros image
  9. Lastly, restart the switch: reload

That’s it.

As an aside, please note that the web interface only works in Internet Explorer, so if it seems like it doesn’t work, it’s probably because your’re using another browser.