Now playing for irssi using

You sometimes want announce what music you’re playing on IRC, but when using irssi on a remote server this becomes something of a problem. Therefore I wrote a script for irssi that track info for the currently playing track from, and prints it to the current channel.

To use the script:
1. Get it and place it in your ~/.irssi/scripts folder.
2. Optionally place a symlink to it in ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun directory to load it automatically when you start irssi.
3. Edit the file and change the $lastfmuser variable to your username.
4. Load the script in irssi: /RUN
5. You can now use the script by using the command /np

As written in the file itselft it’s distributed under the MIT license.
Hope you’ll find it useful.

Update 2: It is no longer recommended to use this script. See this comment for details and a better alternative.

Update 1: Thanks to Salminen (see comments), the script should now be working, I’ve updated the link so it points to the working version.